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We are all made of stories.

If you met me at a party, and we were holding tiny plates of food while trying to make small talk, I can promise you that, ten minutes later, I’d walk away from that interaction with a gift (and it would not be shrimp cocktail). It would be your story. I would leave knowing more about you, and, for me, this truly is a gift. It’s why I believe I was put on this earth.

I was born to tell your story. Maybe you think you don’t have one, or if you do, perhaps you think it’s insignificant. But, to me, it’s beautiful.

You have a voice, and a message the world needs to hear. I help clients grow their brand recognition by creating a customized and expansive verbal identity, a strategic social media presence and engagement plan and targeted media outreach. My client list has run the gamut from a pain management doctor, life coach, cupcake shop, solar energy company, a CFO, duct work company and retired NBA player. Let me help you find your story, and share it with the world.

I have written for Saveur, BBC Travel, Success, Eating Well, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Guardian, the Seattle Times, Seattle magazine and more. Samples of my writing can be found below, but the full list of my published work can be found on Muckrack.





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: The color pink.

: Cauliflower and grumpy people.

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