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We are all made of stories.

If you met me at a party, and we were holding tiny plates of food while trying to make small talk, I can promise you that, ten minutes later, I’d walk away from that interaction with a gift (and it would not be shrimp cocktail). It would be your story. I would leave knowing more about you, and, for me, this truly is a gift. It’s why I believe I was put on this earth.

I was born to tell your story. Maybe you think you don’t have one, or if you do, perhaps you think it’s insignificant. But, to me, it’s beautiful.

You have a voice, and you have a message the world needs to hear. Let me help you find your story, and share it with the world.





: stefanie@stefanieellis.com

: The color pink.

: Cauliflower and grumpy people.

Stefanie Ellis


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