Cookie Couture Campaign

To celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies, we partnered with local fashion designers, and invited them to create cookie-inspired couture! The idea was to find a unique way to get people’s attention about our milestone anniversary, but also to use this as a starting point for a conversation about the amazing things girls can do with their cookie money. So we partnered local women doing amazing things with girls who are also doing amazing things, and connected them with their shared interests.

Jennifer Shea, who owns Trophy Cupcakes, and makes a fabulous s’mores cupcake, is partnered with a Girl Scout who went on Cupcake Wars and wants to be a dessert entrepreneur like Jennifer!

Girls who build robots were partnered with a fashion designer who made a STEM-inspired Thin Mint Galaxy Goddess gown, and they all took a trip to outer space!

Read more about the inspiration behind the photos.»

And don’t miss our Evening Magazine segment, where I got to wear two designs!»

  • Client - Girl Scouts of Western Washington
  • Date - March 2017

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